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About Jessica

I think hair is a reflection of our personal stories - the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we want to tell others. Great hair bridges the gap between who we are on the inside and what we look like on the outside. 
What IS Great Hair?

Great hair fits naturally into your day - it doesn't take a lot of time or effort. It fits you. It looks good even when it looks bad. Sometimes it's bold, sometimes it's quiet. 


Why You, Why Now​

You get dressed even though you're self-isolating. You care about keeping yourself sane AND safe. You want predictable results, high quality and a short supply train for everything.   Contact free pickup is right outside the street level shop, packaged in paper and made to order. 

During the Pandemic

Since I live over the shop, it is an easy commute down to assemble kits, make art and conference with clients. Most of the time I'm playing with my toddler, upgrading the apartment interior with a chalkboard wall, a foggy forest mural and cooking a lot.